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We offer professional and reliable Outdoor Lighting Design & Installation services in Zionsville, Indiana to enhance the beauty and functionality of outdoor spaces. Our expert team specializes in creating breathtaking lighting designs that transform gardens, landscapes, and architectural features. With careful consideration of the property's unique characteristics and the client's vision, we create custom lighting plans that showcase the best features of the outdoor area. Our skilled technicians handle the entire installation process, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for our clients. Whether it's highlighting pathways, illuminating trees, or accentuating water features, our outdoor lighting design and installation services in Zionsville bring elegance and ambiance to any outdoor space.

Outdoor Lighting Experts Zionsville

Since our inception, Lite Outdoor has provided complete outdoor lighting design and installation solutions. Our process begins with a thorough understanding of your wishes, needs, and goals. We then analyze the situation and develop a game plan which often includes some level of on-site demonstration. Once a design concept is agreed upon, we work closely with you to select the right fixtures for your situation and budget.

Lite Outdoor is an AMP-certified lighting professional, so you can be certain that you will not only be getting the best quality fixtures and products available but they will be installed by technicians who are trained to install lighting systems in the most professional and efficient manner possible.

Zionsville Outdoor Lighting Systems 

Main Features of Outdoor Lighting:

Outdoor lighting is an essential feature for any residential or commercial property. It not only enhances the beauty of the space but also provides an extra layer of security. The main features of outdoor lighting include pathway lighting, security lighting, and holiday lighting. Pathway lighting provides an illuminated walkway for guests or tenants, making it easier to navigate around the property. Security lighting is a crucial feature that keeps the property safe and secure by illuminating areas that may be vulnerable to intruders. Lastly, holiday lighting is a popular feature that adds a festive touch to the property during special occasions. It creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, inviting guests to celebrate and enjoy the holiday season. Investing in outdoor lighting is a smart decision that can enhance the overall look and feel of any property.
Landscape Lighting
Decking & Patio Lighting
Wall Lighting
Roofline Lighting
Pond & Pool Area Lighting
Architectural Lighting
Pathways, Walkways & Drives
Spotlights and Floodlights

Affordable Light Installation Services Zionsville

We are the go-to company for high-quality, yet affordable lighting installation services in the Zionsville area. Whether it's residential or commercial lighting, our expert technicians use innovative techniques to create custom lighting designs that elevate the look and feel of any space. We offer a range of services, including outdoor lighting installation, interior lighting installation, office lighting, parking lot lighting, and more. With a focus on quality workmanship and customer satisfaction, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch service at an affordable price. Contact Affordable Light Installation Services Zionsville today for all your lighting installation needs.

Every job is different and custom-designed to fit your needs but they all have many of the same basic parts.


Every home is unique and at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we want to help you show off your own style, not pedal the same thing for every house down the block! When you work with our outdoor lighting designers, we’ll spend the time to discover the best ways to highlight your property, while maintaining the exact look that your want! Many clients find the benefits of investing in landscape lighting to be endless, but here are a few to help you start!
Home Safety
The illumination of walkways, parking areas and entryways will ensure the safety of guests and family members. Proper illumination prevents unnecessary and expensive accidents.
Home Security
Shining a little light on the darkest areas of a home landscape will deter trespassers and cause everyone to walk a little easier when arriving or stepping outside late at night.
The evening may be beautiful and the moon may be full, but when it’s dark outside everyone has a tendency to stay inside. Attractive outdoor lighting makes it possible to enjoy a patio, deck, swimming pool, garden or recreation area. Distinctive lighting is ideal for family barbecues and summer parties.
There’s no better way to accentuate the architectural and landscaping features of a family home. Lighting displays bring out the natural beauty of a well maintained home and put a smile on the faces of homeowners and visitors. Shining a subtle light on a fountain, waterfall or flowering hedge can inspire beautiful thoughts and wonderful times.
Increases Home Value
Unique outdoor lighting and the curb appeal it offers help increase your home value. If you decide to sell, you’ll be able to raise your asking price and find it easier to attract potential buyers. If you have no intention to sell, it is still ideal to increase your home value with every chance you have.
Deters Trespassers
That increased visibility offered by outdoor lighting fixtures also deters would-be trespassers from your property. Those intending to enter your home, take your possessions, and cause harm to you and your family use the darkness of the night as their ally. Illumination often scares such people away and provides more security while you sleep.

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